Kicking It into High Gear

I guess it is time I come out and say that I have really been pussy footing around when it comes to this whole weight loss thing. I have been doing nothing to make sure I am sticking to healthy guidelines or even drinking a drop of water. Should I make excuses and tell you how busy I have been etc. etc? No. I know that you guys are much too smart and I am not here to manipulate anyone into thinking I am the perfect healthy lifestyle blogger. This is my blog and this is my real life. I have got to start watching out for me and my health. If I don’t do it, who will?

I read a great post from one of my friends Ashley at in it she decided to break her weightloss goal in to smaller chunks she calls them Benchmarks to help motivate her. This made so much sense to me. I am a competitive person and no one can motivate me more than myself. I too took my goal and divided it into chunks to help me on this journey. My GOALSpage will break it these 180 pounds I have to lose in to smaller more manageable chunks so I am not so overwhelmed when looking at how far I have to go. I will also be adding a reward Page soon.

I am on vacation this week with my hubby in Tulsa. We will be coming home tomorrow evening and I can’t wait to get my goals started. For tonight I will work on my water intake, and eating a serving of veggies with dinner.


Do you like to have one big goal or is it easier for you to divide it in chunks? Leave your comment below and share on your favorite social media!

February Intentions



Hello again friends. I can’t believe January is gone! I guess when you end up having a surprise surgery you lose a little time. It’s understandable, right? It is the beginning of a new month which means it’s time to reflect on how I did in January and set some intentions for February. First up, January goals:

  1. Drink more water.  The first few weeks of January were really great with this goal. I have a HUGE 50oz Bubba Keg cup that I try to keep filled with water at my desk. It helps to have that right where I can see it. It is a reminder to drink drink drink. When my gallbladder started acting up I fell off the wagon. Hard. I was so dehydrated they couldn’t find my veins for all the testing they had to do and lets just say when all was said and done, I had 13, yes 13, sticks and 4 gnarly bruises to show for it. IMG_6337
  2. Walk 10,000 steps a day.  Fail. I only got 10,000 steps one day in January. It was the day I went to workout at school after hours in Schlatter’s House of Pain.🙂 That is what I affectionately call Callie Schlatter’s, (our P.E. Coach), circuit training workout. I literally thought I was dieing at one point, but alas I survived.
    This is coach dressed as our Principal Mrs. Meeks for Halloween.

    This is coach dressed as our Principal Mrs. Meeks for Halloween.


  3. Track all food eaten. Once again, I did really well the first 2 weeks of January and then was derailed by the surgery. IMG_6297So, since I had a rough go of it in January I am going to stick to the same three goals and add a fourth.
  1. Drink more water!
  2. Walk 10,000 steps a day.
  3. Track all food eaten.
  4. Get 7 hours of sleep a night. While I was recovering from my surgery I got used to staying up really late and binge watching Netflix. I have yet to kick the habit and I need to start getting more sleep. Sleep is an essential part of weight loss and a piece to the puzzle that is currently missing in my life.

What are your goals/intentions for February? Post a comment below or a link to your blog.

Currently: January

Marshall Family

planning for our oldest sons 5th(!!!) birthday in February.

going stir crazy being cooped up after gallbladder surgery.

becoming addicted to Netflix.

watching whole seasons of The United States of Tara.

reading The Next Best Thing.

celebrating that I don’t have to be a human pincushion anymore by the time I finished with this surgery I have been stuck 10 times and have 4 big bruises to show for it.

loving my sweet husband and caretaker. He really has been the best nurse through this ordeal.

eating a ton of saltine crackers. Who knew they could be so delicious?

enjoying seeing my little one grow and learn more and more each day.

wearing comfy pj bottoms and t-shirts all day everyday.

collecting frames for some awesome gallery walls.

working on a website update.

walking to and from the potty is the most exercise I am getting lately.

trying to rest up and heal quickly so I can get back to work.

feeling exhausted and in pain. Hopefully I will start to feel better soon.

thanking all of my friends and family who have sent food and goodies to help me through my recovery. I am so blessed!

2014…My Story My Way.

Blank Page

Each day I am alive, I am one day closer to death. I have thought about this a lot lately since I turned 30 in October. If I lived to be 90, that would mean I have already lived a third of my life. Have I done the things I want to do? Have I done things that will make my legacy a good one? Am I living my life daily to the fullest? Can I make choices in my life to be happier in this new year? There are a lot of things that I plan on doing differently in 2014, but first I must reflect on 2013 and the lessons it brought me.

  • What did you accomplish in 2013 that you’re proud of?

I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy July 3rd. He is such a good baby. I am so proud that I was chosen to be his mother on this journey we call life.

  • What didn’t work for you in 2013?

I have been extremely unhappy with my job. I have the title of Administrative Intern at BWECC. This means I essentially have all of the responsibilities of an assistant principal while getting paid teacher pay because Interns are on a teacher contract. I knew this would be the case my first year, but this has been year 2 and I am tired of feeling under appreciated for the work I do. I did not get my master’s degree to be an Intern forever.

  • What made you happy in 2013?

I found out that I am the one who controls my reactions and emotions to situations. There have been many changes recently, and I can not control the way others react to things. I must make sure I am doing what I feel is right for my family and be kind and forgive others when they don’t understand. It is okay to make decisions that work for my family even if my decision doesn’t make sense to others.

  • What was your biggest challenge in 2013?

I tried to return to work 3 weeks after giving birth to little John. This was way too early. My body was still physically healing, I was trying to nurse, and mentally I was all over the place. I needed to go ahead and take my maternity leave at the very beginning of this school year to make sure my family life was in order. I knew it would put my dear friend and principal in a bind, but I have learned I have to worry about me and my little family.

  • What happened that you need to let go of?

This November my husband and I made the decision that we would need to leave my hometown and I will be finding a job in Norman for next year. Many of my family members did not like this and still have mixed feelings about it. I need to let go of trying to please others. I can only control myself.

Now, it’s time to start a new year with a new outlook on life. It is time to make decisions that will better me, my family, and make our lives the best they can be.  One of these decisions is strictly for me. I will be losing weight this year. I am the Team Leader of BWECC Biggest Losers. I decided to be the leader to help keep myself accountable. I always do better when I know someone is depending on me. I feel this competition will help me stay on track. It starts today and goes all the way to July 5th when we have the final weigh in. I am super excited about making this decision.

Another way to help keep myself accountable is joining a few Diet Bets. Diet Bet is a website that allows participants to wager real money on if they can lose a percentage of their body weight by a certain date. The winners divide the pot! My first diet bet to start is the Weight Loss Bootcamp. Our first challenge is to write down our weight loss plan and fitness plan. I will be counting my calories through Sparkpeople I will also be using my fitbit flex to keep track of my steps and fitness time. I am making a goal to walk 2,014 miles in 2014.

I will be posting monthly goals on the first of every month. This will help to keep me motivated monthly. I am a firm believer that breaking things up in to smaller monthly goals helps you stay on track longer. I also believe you have to reward yourself as you go. I will be making monthly rewards for myself as well. Check back tomorrow for my list of January goals.

If you like what you have read and would like to follow my progress please consider following me and sharing on your favorite social networking sites.

September: Currently

This is a format that one of my favorite mommy/crafty/Project Life bloggers uses. Please go check Elise out at

She recently had her baby girl and is one of my favorite reads. She makes me feel so not alone in this journey called motherhood🙂 Now on to the fun stuff!


waking up last night at 3:00am to feed little John. I think he is going through a growth spurt🙂

sleeping with my favorite soft zebra blanket for these colder nights we are having.

experimenting with Project Life for the first time and I am loving it!


watching Sleepy Hollow with my hubby and getting even more in the Halloween spirit!


so enjoying the cooler weather.



making a special project for my best friend.


calling John “little John, pumpkin butt, monkey, John Boy, & Frank.”



placing my sweet boy in his crib in the boys’ room at night makes me a little sad. He’s already growing up.


writing special memories in John’s baby album so I can always remember these times.


wearing out my leopard print Ugg house shoes…I think it’s time for some new ones.


ordering the new Project Life mini kits from Amy Tangerine, Dear Lizzy, and Elsie from A Beautiful Mess.


planning on having a blast in Vegas for my 30th birthday in October🙂


dreaming about being a work from home mom.


hanging 2 separate photo collage walls, one in the master bedroom and one in the boys’ room.


drinking Angry Orchard cider sampler yummy!


cherishing our cuddle time after John’s last feeding each night.


feeling excited for fall.


reading lots of magazines.


loving my sweet family of 4.



witnessing my oldest start to really love on his brother warms my heart.


finding that being a mom and wife is the best job in the whole world.


Come back to find out how I’m doing with my Weight Watchers journey🙂

Choosing A Healthier Lifestyle: Weight Watchers

7 Months Preggo

Well my friends, it is time to get down to the nitty gritty. It’s time to start talking about the real reason why I started this blog. I need to lose weight. I need to lose approximately 150+ pounds to be in the healthy BMI range for my height. To do this I know from years of being on the yo-yo diet train that there is no other way to do this, but with healthy food choices and exercise. (If you haven’t noticed, I am trying to stay away from that ugly “D” word…you know the one…DIET) I feel that in order for this to last me a lifetime, I am going to have to make this a lifestyle change. It needs to be something that comes naturally to me that I can continue to do for the rest of my life. Continue reading

Dear John: 2 Months

IMG_4951Dear John,

Wow! I can not believe that you are already 2 months old! You are starting to grow and learn by leaps and bounds. I feel like you are doing something new every day! This last month has been full of growing for the both of us. Mommy decided to take maternity leave from school to stay home and take care of you and work on our schedule together. I am so glad I did.  You will only be a baby once and I am so happy that I have decided to spend this extra time with you. I know I will never regret it.

IMG_4950This month you have started sleeping all night! Yay for more sleep! It makes for a happier mommy and a happier baby. My favorite time is that first bottle in the morning. You act like you are absolutely starving! I love to hear the sweet little slurp & swallow you have. We spend a good 20 minutes just staring at each other. I am so in love with you little one. You have brought more joy in to my already blessed life and my heart bursts with love for you and your brother.

IMG_4934You have been going to family dinner now for 2 months and I don’t think anyone could be more proud of you then your namesake Papa John. He thinks you look handsome just like him and he loves to hold and feed you for mommy. This time I got a great picture of you with Papa John, brother, and Casey! I am so glad that you like to be passed around. We are blessed to have a large family and everyone HAS to have their turn loving on you.

IMG_4914You are definitely starting to show signs of likes and dislikes. In this picture you were not too happy with mommy for sitting you in the bouncy. I like to have you sit in the bouncy while I cook dinner for the family and most of the time you sit and watch me, but on this day you were not having it and you told me all about it!

IMG_4963Your daddy is so proud of you. He comes home in the evenings and loves to take you from me and give you all the lovins he missed out on during the day. He is such a great daddy. He has no problems feeding you, bathing you, or changing you…even with the blow out diapers! He loves you so much little man.

IMG_4993At your 2 month Dr. Appointment mommy’s heart was broken. You weighed 11 pounds 13.5 oz, and were 22 3/4 in long. You had to swallow one vaccine that wasn’t too bad you only made a slightly funny face when you drank it, but they had to give you 3 shots, 2 in one leg and 1 in the other. I tried to hang back thinking they wouldn’t ask me to, but in the end I had to hold your arms for the nurses. I think it is the biggest torture in the world to make a mom hold her sweet baby down while he is given shots and screaming to the point of real tears and no breathing. As soon as they were done I wrapped you up in your blankie and loved on you until you fell asleep. I think it was probably harder on me than it was on you.

IMG_5001I want to remember all of the little things. I want to remember that you don’t like to wear nightgowns because they cover your feet and you cry and kick until I take it off of you. I want to remember that you don’t like blankets for the exact same reason! I want to remember that when you first wake up you snuggle with your burp cloth and chew on the end of it making soft sweet grunting sounds until you decide enough is enough and you let me know it is time to eat. I want to remember that you have finally decided you like to be swaddled in your swaddle sack and you just smile and relax as soon as I put you in it. You are developing such a sweet personality and I love you little man. Here is to a lifetime of love and learning together.


Your Mommy